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Yoga Cork Brick Quarter Round

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Quick Overview

  • High quality Yoga Brick made out of cork sourced from sustainable oak woodlands in the EU

  • Carefully rounded edges and texture of fine grain cork provide perfect grip

  • Unlike some foam bricks these cork bricks maintain their shape when subjected to body weight of practitioner

  • Approximate Dimensions: Length: 22.7cm (9") x Width: 9cm (3.5”) x Height: 9cm (3.5")


Product Details

Yoga Practitioners wishing to support or stabilise their body during certain postures will enjoy using these hard wearing Cork Bricks sourced from sustainable oak woodlands within the EU. The Blue Banyan Cork Bricks have carefully rounded edges and the fine grain cork structure of the block provides a perfect non-slip grip. Even though Cork Bricks are relatively light, the Blue Banyan Cork Brick maintains its shape when subjected to the body weight of the practitioners during his or her exercise routine.

Cork is the bark of an oak tree and thus a fully biodegradable product. Please note that when the cork is harvested the oak trees are not endangered as the cork oak is the only tree that regenerates when stripped of its bark. Some of the trees in the cork plantations are more than 250 years old and research has shown that Cork trees stripped of their bark not only absorb and store significant amounts of CO2 but also give off more O2 and thus protect the great biodiversity that inhabit their forests

You preserve the pristine condition of the Yoga Brick by occasionally wiping the brick with a damp cloth.

Image colour of the cork brick may differ slightly depending on the browser you are using.

Additional Information

EAN 5060240835188
Brand Blue Banyan