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Meditation Stools

Our range of Meditation Stools comprises different stool designs. The classic Meditation Stool and the Folding Meditation Stool provide a comfortable and solid support for kneeling meditation and relieves pressure from the ankles. The Meditation Toadstool is a compact and very stylish alternative to the traditional meditation stools and is also used for kneeling meditation.

As with our Meditation Cushions and Meditation Mats we ensure the high quality of our meditation stools by making them ourselves to our own design. Elegantly styled using sustainable Tulipwood (please refer to our Guide to Woods We Use), these meditation stools combine solid construction with beautiful design. The sitting platform of the Meditation Stools and the Toadstools is slightly angled to enhance posture and comfort by tilting the pelvis forward to achieve the correct alignment of the spine.

For added comfort a specially designed padded cushion is available to fit all types of stools.

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