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Portable Flat Mat Zen Black

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  • Portable Zen Black Meditation Mat, UK Made
  • Folding Mat with integral handles for carrying
  • Outer: 100% Cotton Drill. Filling: Recyled Foam
  • Approximate Dimensions: 90cm x 70cm, Height 3cm when folded approx. 6cm
  • Approximate Weight: 2kg

Since its launch in April 2006 our Portable Flat Mat and has featured in magazines like Positive Health, Wave and Yoga Magazine. Made by us to our own design, our portable flat mat shares all the qualities of functionality and finish of our popular Regular Meditation Flat Mat but folds in half for ease of carrying.

The mat is formed from recycled foam, lined and covered with heavy-gauge 100% cotton fabric – strong, durable, comfortable and finished to a high standard. The recycled foam is a foam reconstructed from off-cuts, it's then processed at high pressure until the small pieces bond together. The foam is then cut to shape to fit our mat sleeves. For more information please see our Guide to Cushion Fillings. The weight of this particular mat can vary due to the nature of the recycled foam that it is formed with.

Given the nature of its normal use, the portable flat mat is easy to clean and keep it in perfect condition. Simply brushing occasionally with a stiff brush dipped in lukewarm water.

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Barcode 506024083626
Manufacturer Blue Banyan
Colour Zen Black
Colour Zen Black
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