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Meditation Cushions

We offer a range of cushions, all made by us to our own design here in the United Kingdom, to suit every physical ability and meditation need. The Blue Banyan Guide to Cushion Fillings is designed to assist your decision but if you have additional queries we will be happy to advise you on the cushion that seems likely to best suit you - do not hesitate to contact us.

Our range of meditation cushions not only comprises of Buckwheat Zafus (standard, large and travel size) but also zafus filled with Quallofil in addition we have developed the Moon Cushion which provides the practitioner not only with the appropriate pelvic tilt but also some support under the upper thighs. The Blue Banyan range of meditation cushions also includes a Travel Moon Cushion (with a choice of different fillings) a Wedge and a Hansel.


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  • Regular Price: £26.95

    Special Price £15.95

    Zafu Buckwheat Rectangular Tibetan Maroon

    Quality UK made Meditation Cushion Filled with certified organic Buck...

    Out of stock

  • Regular Price: £29.75

    Special Price £21.90

    Zafu Polyester Tibetan Maroon

    Quality made Meditation Cushion Filled with Polyester fibre - Springy...
  • £6.95

    Zafu Carrier Bag Tibetan Maroon

    Zafu Bag for Blue Banyan Regular sized Zafu Cushions Custom made ba...
  • Regular Price: £43.50

    Special Price £39.50

    Moon Cushion Buckwheat Maroon

    New smaller size launched January 2019: 60cm, Height: Apx 13cm   ...
  • Regular Price: £24.95

    Special Price £19.50

    Travel Moon Cushion Tibetan Maroon

    UK Made Travel Moon Cushion Fillings: Buckwheat or Quallofil Dime...
  • £20.50

    Wedge Tibetan Maroon

    Provides gently sloping angle for sitting meditation either on the flo...

Items 1 to 12 of 24 total

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