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Crystals enrich your life. Whether you use crystals as part of your meditation practice, for divination, healing or energy work or just love having them around you, we aim to help. Our crystals are not giftware nor do we treat them as mere inventory. Each crystal we supply has been hand-picked by us, energetically cleansed and sympathetically handled. We do not stock any artificially coloured, synthetically produced or irradiated crystals – for example, all of our Citrine is Citrine rather than the heat-treated Amethyst which is more often sold as ‘citrine’.

We have produced a concise explanatory guide to Crystal Definitions which you may find helpful.

You may also find our Guide to Crystal Sizes helpful when choosing your crystals.

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  • £12.50

    Chakra Set

    Our chakra set comes in a drawstring bag with a details illustrating t...
  • £24.99

    Amethyst Crystal Cluster - Large

    Amethyst Crystal Cluster Size: Large, approximately 600g (Size 5)
  • £18.99

    Amethyst Crystal Cluster - Medium

    Amethyst Crystal Cluster Size: Medium, approximately 400g (Size 4)
  • £18.99

    Apophylite Crystal Cluster

    Apophylite Crystal Cluster Size: approximately 45g - 60g Pack Size:...
  • £7.00

    Angel's Wing Selenite

    Angel's Wing Selenite Size: approximately 100g - 200g Pack Size: 3
  • £18.99

    Seraphinite Crystal

    Seraphinite Crystal Size: approximately 280g Pack Size: 1

10 Item(s)

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