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Guide to Cushion Fillings



Organic Buckwheat Hulls
Organic Buckwheat Hulls
An agricultural product that moulds to your shape as you rest on it to give gentle and comfortable support. This quality is maintained over time as the filling does not compress with use.



Quallofil Filling

A high grade soft-to-touch polyester fibre specially designed for use in high quality furnishings and cushions to give a slightly 'springy' support. Polyester fibre readily bounces back into shape and cushions filled with Polyester do not need need much plumping up after use or require extra filling to be added after use over time.



Recon Foam
Recon Foam Filling

Recon Foam (or Chipfoam) is made from off-cuts of foam which is processed at very high pressure until the off-cuts bond together. This gives the recon foam it's familiar multicoloured appearance. It is widley used for gym mats, heavy duty seating, church kneelers, wheelchair seats etc.