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Crystal Definitions

Crystal Definitions

Aura (etheric body)
Also referred to as the etheric body the aura is a field of energy surrounding the physical body which varies in extent from person to person and over time. The aura – which can be sensed (eg by dowsing) and seen by highly intuitive individuals – bespeaks the mental, emotional, physical and spiritual state of the person concerned and can be ‘read’ by intuitive. Healing may be directed at the aura as well as the physical body.

Chakras & Chakra Balancing
Chakras may be seen by highly developed intuitives as funnel-shaped spinning vortices of energy connecting the physical and etheric body and linking them o the earth and inverse. The seven main chakras – Crown, Third Eye or Brow, Throat, Heart, solar Plexus, Sacral and Root or Base – are located in a straight line running from above the crown (connecting the physical and etheric body to the celestial and universal), down the spine and via the genital area to the earth (grounding the physical and etheric bodies). In perfect health the chakras work smoothly and in harmony so as to produce balance between the physical and etheric body and a feeling of connectedness with the physical here and now and with the spiritual distress – and so to bring about holistic healing to the individual. Each of the chakras is particular associated with certain parts of the body, emotions, spiritual states. Similarly, each of the chakras resonates particularly strongly with a specific part of the colour spectrum and has particular correspondences with particular crystals.

Crystal Grids and Crystal Lay-Outs
A crystal grid is an arrangement of selected crystals around or in a space in such a way as to produce a desired energetic effect (eg. Cleansing, calming, protecting) etc. Gridding can be done on a large scale (eg whole house) or a small scale (eg a workspace). Sometimes the term is also used to refer to a particular layout-out of crystals and/or around a person during a crystal healing or other energy-based healing work though this is also and perhaps more usually referred to as crystal lay-out

A single hex-terminated crystal (ie having a point with six approximately equal-sized facets) or a large cluster with multiple long points is referred to as a generator crystal. A generator produces extremely powerful crystal healing energy and also acts as a focus for intent. A large generator crystal will often be used in group meditation sessions and in groups engage in healing work. Smaller generators are normally used within crystal grids and for personal meditation.

Programming Crystals
In essence programming is consciously dedicating a particular crystal to a particular purpose by focussing intent on the crystal. Visualisation and ritual may play a part in programming – this is essentially a matter of personal choice – but the key essential is the focussing of intent. Crystals are invariably cleansed before programming.

Cleansing Crystals
This refers to energetic cleansing rather than physical cleansing and there are many methods – holding under running water, charging in the sun or moonlight, immersion in rain or sea water, smudging, purification with incense or candle flame, Reiki and many other rituals and methods. Again, as with programming, the intent to cleanse and purify is the key and the precise method a matter of personal preference.

A crystal that has been polished by ‘tumblng’ in a drum with an abrasive product such as grit. The process produces a very smooth, shiny surface and the resulting crystal is very pleasant to hold and easy to carry around.

Looking after Crystals
Tumblestones may be kept together in a bag without damage whereas unpolished crystals should ideally be individually wrapped for transport or storage. Subject to preventing long exposure to sunlight in the case of coloured crystals (which may otherwise fade) there is no reason not to keep your crystals out and around you, whether in grids or programmed or simply placed, emitting lower-level energies. From time to time and certainly before using the crystals for healing, programming or gridding you will want to cleanse the crystals to detach any negative energies they may have picked up and to optimise their properties.

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