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Mala Beads Rosewood - (3 tassles)

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Quick Overview

  • Rosewood

  • 105 rosewood beads, 3 divider beads, 1 guru bead

  • Beads are approximately 13mm in diameter

  • Approximately 70cm long all in all


Product Details

Mala beads are used to focus the mind on the meaning of mantras rather than counting the repetitions made when meditating. You should equate one mantra recital to one bead on the mala. This mala is composed of one hundred and seven rosewood beads and one guru bead with a tassle attached, this tassle represents enlightenment. This mala contains three divider beads spaced equally along the length of the mala, these are used to help the practitioner understand how far through a prayer cycle they are. Counting should always begin with the rosewood bead adjacent to the Guru bead, progressing round the bracelet until the Guru bead is reached again. This signifies the end of one round of a prayer cycle. When the guru bead is reached, it is important to turn round and begin to count in the other direction, it is considered unwise to cross the Guru bead.

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