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Guide to Choosing Meditation Products

Guide to Choosing Meditation Products

Meditation Cushions
Sitting and kneeling meditation forms a central part of many traditions and a variety of postural supports are used in order to ensure that no unnecessary strains are put on the body and that bodily discomfort does not prevent the attainment of the meditative state.

The choice of meditation products must be individually driven by personal preference, meditation experience and physical limitations. However, in all cases the key essential is support for the pelvis/base of the spine to prevent slumping and help the individual to maintain an upright posture safely and in comfort for the duration of the meditation session. Any of the meditation stools, the Zafu, the Moon Cushion or the Wedge will achieve this.


The Zafu is the cushion traditionally used for meditation in the Zen Buddhist tradition. It provides relatively firm, targeted support but no cushioning to the back of the legs. Our zafus are available in a choice of fillings - buckwheat and polyester - see our Guide to Cushion Fillings for their respective properties.

Meditation Stool

Our Meditation Stool, which is made of English and /or American ash and is normally combined with a padded cushion on the sitting platform offers a slightly firmer, higher and more targeted support compared to a zafu.

Meditation Moon Cushion

The Moon Cushion provides a greater surface area of support as well as cushioning for the backs of the legs and therefore may be more comfortable for some people than the above alternatives. This comfort factor is enhanced by the filling of organic buckwheat hulls which has the quality of readily moulding itself to the shape of the user. The moon cushion is however larger and less portable than the above alternatives.

Meditation Wedge

Some people find that they need additional support in order to achieve a comfortable posture for the duration of their meditation. Our Wedge is particularly suited to those meditating in an upright chair or in bed.

Travel Meditation Cushion

Once you have established a meditation practice you may want to acquire a small meditation cushion - such as a Travel Moon Cushion - that can be packed in a suitcase or even a work-bag for use away from home.

Meditation Mats

Even then, however, some people find that a mat helps them to define their meditation space and prefer to use one even on top of a carpeted or otherwise soft and warm surface. If you attend a meditation class or group away from home you may wish to purchase a Portable flat Mat or a Folding Meditation Stool.

Meditation Mat

Having chosen your cushion or stool the next consideration is whether a Flat Mat would be helpful. If you will be meditating on a soft surface such as carpet then a flat mat - which offers warmth of surface and cushioning for the knees and ankles- may not be necessary.

Meditation Timers and Meditation Aids

Meditation Shawls

A cushion or stool and a flat mat are the basic meditation equipment. As already mentioned it is important to be comfortable during meditation and this means that the body must be comfortably warm for the length of the session when stillness may tend to cause you feel chilly. Our Nepali Meditation Shawls are designed to prevent this and have the dual purpose of focusing the mind - in the same way as a uniform can signal to the wearer that it is now time for work or school - on the meditation.

Singing Bowls

Sensory aids to meditation are found in many traditions. Sound in particular is used to signal commencement of meditation, to move the meditation along (particularly in a guided group meditation), to draw the mind into a meditative state by serving as a focus and also to signal the return to the present actuality at the end of a meditation.

Our Tibetan Singing Bowls, Prayer Bells and Tingsha Chimes offer a range of ways to use sound in meditation - and the timers of course serve the practical necessity of enabling the user to meditate without periodically checking the time and so diluting the benefit of the meditation.

Meditation Incense

A different kind of sensory aid to meditation comes in the form of incense. Certain herbs are also considered conducive to meditation.

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